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This page is still under heavy construction. The user interface is going to be improved after enough content has been added.

About us

We are two individuals who like to create new things and write awesome software. We loathe Micro$oft, Apple, NSA and everything that is attached to it.

Coming Soon

We are going to upload some really nice projects and stuff to this website! We are really excited to give you a sneak peak of all the awesome things that are happening right now.

Some of these include:

  • Open source code projects
  • Games
  • Articles
  • forgotten stuff

We are currently very busy with setting up a mail server. Lots of progress has been made, but the server is not functional for any practical use unfortunately...



Keeping you up to date with all special events that have happened in the past months.

2016-09-18 - We are online!

Today is an exciting day. We are officially online and successfully running a website on a not-so-powerful little machine.

This is the little machine we are talking about:
Raspberry PI model 2B thumbnail

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